Premium hybrid mechanical pencil + stylus, combining both modes at the same end with a unique retractable mechanism.


• Unique „Twist and Click“ retractable mechanism of the entire sleeve and lead:

pocket safe + durability

• Retract the pencil and use the stylus without the hassle of turning the tool around. Its all on the

same end

• Hexagonal barrel ensuring fatigue-free writing and drawing. Shaped to prevent the tool from

sliding when laid down on tables

• Non-slip metal knurled grip


• Precision stylus tip for high accuracy, control and speed

• 100% effective at every angle

• Soft tip glides smoothly and is compatible with all capacitive touchscreens

Mechanical Pencil

• rOtring brass mechanism for precision lead advancement

• Fixed lead guidance sleeve preventing break and offering an unimpeded view of the page for

precise ruler-based drawing

• Built-in eraser under the push-button cap

• Refillable. Loaded with high-polymer HB leads

• Sold individually in the new rOtring triangular packaging